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5 Comforting Shows to Watch When You Are Feeling Low

We all know that life isn't all glitters and smiles. There are days in each of our lives when we wish for a pause button that would just keep the not-so-great happenings of our life at bay. I, like many of us, try to find comfort in the little things that envelop me with coziness, peace, and happiness especially more during these days. One of these many little things is the shows that uplift my spirits right away even on days my body struggles to get out of bed. They make me feel like I have more control over my haphazardous life and for those brief moments, I feel assured that I have my life together!

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If a hug were a TV show, then it would be Ted Lasso. I cannot imagine any other way to describe this show. With 3 beautiful, engaging, and powerfully-written seasons, this Apple TV show is an instant mood-lifter for me.

The titular character Ted Lasso is an American football coach who is hired to lead AFC Richmond, a British soccer team owned by the recently divorced Rebecca Welton. Though Lasso and his ways are deemed unconventional and not so well-received in the beginning, his charm, humor, and methods slowly win over whoever crosses his way.

The show focuses heavily and with extreme care and brilliance on mental health. Despite having marital issues, being 4438 miles away (info that I know thanks to Nate!) from his son, having occasional (and by that, I mean totally unpredictable) panic attacks, coaching soccer without even knowing the basics of the game, and other struggles that God bestows us with the human-package, Ted is a constant symbol of hope, perseverance, kindness, warmth, and joy. Though he might seem more like a toxic-positive guy in the beginning, things start to change with each episode.

The most beautiful thing about the show is the feeling of solidarity that a viewer is left with. Each time I watch Ted Lasso, I am left with these sentences buzzing in my brain - Someone gets me, at least someone knows how hard life can get, someone knows and acknowledges my struggles, I am not alone, It is okay to ask for help, It is okay if I don't have it all together. I don't have to tell you how extremely affirming and powerful these sentences are, especially when life expects you to navigate yourself through unsafe (and most often, dirty!) waters.

  • Modern Family 👪👪👪

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine 👨🏻‍✈️

  • Schitt's Creek 🏨

Well, that's it for the first blog, my friend. These are 5 of the very many comfort shows that I love watching over and over. There are several others like How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, Killing Eve (there is something about psychopaths that I find comforting - kidding!), and many many more. Let me know what shows you watch to get your mind into Zen mode, or more appropriately the Dolce-far-niente mode. Maybe I could add them to my list! :)

Until next time,

Nikhila :)



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